To Combat COVID-19, Let’s Rise Again to Support Canadian Hospitals cover image

To Combat COVID-19, Let’s Rise Again to Support Canadian Hospitals

Dear Fellow Residents:

Canadian Chinese communities have done a great job in helping China to fight COVID-9, which has been remarkable and effective to arrest the virus. Now, the spread of COVID-19 has forced Canadian governments at all levels to close non-essential medical services including family doctors’ clinics in order to maximize the operating capacity of our Emergency Departments in hospitals during this pandemic crisis. Hospitals are all in bad need of medical supplies. Many frontline workers do not have adequate protection due to the shortage of supplies.

Hospitals are our last defending line. Therefore, once again, we are here to call on all Canadians, each and every one of us, to take actions and support Canadian hospitals by donating what you can. The raised funds will be used to purchase medical supplies from trusted sources for the designated hospitals.

We have found reliable suppliers: China National Medicine Group and other trusted channels recommended by the Consulate General of P. R. China, or Donating to Trillium Doubling Your Impact Program

Designated hospitals: Trillium Health Partners (Credit Valley Hospital), North York General Hospital

Method of Donation: E-transfer to the account of CCEMP:
Password: SaveCanada
deadline: 9pm, March 25

Receipt will be provided for donation of more than $20 CAD. Please provide the detailed information for each donation ( Name of Company, Name of Donor, Email, and Phone number).

Canadian Chinese United Donation Front founding members:
Centre for New Immigrant Well-Being
Tianjin Medical University Alumni Association in Canada
Tianjin China Alliance of Canada
Canada Structural Engineers Association CSEA
Canadian Chinese Environmental & Municipal Professionals
Suzhou University of Science and Technology  Canada Alumni
Chinese Construction Professionals
Canada New Immigrants Foundation
West GTA Chinese Soccer Association
Toronto Chinese land and construction suvey club

To protect you and me, let us rise together to support our Canadian hospitals!
Thank you for your kindness and support! We also welcome more organizations to join us to save our last Defence.

Canadian Chinese United Donation Front
March 21, 2020, Toronto, Canada